“Blindness Separates Us From Things, But Deafness Separates Us From People

Hearing Is Caring...

Helen Keller


Hearing Is Caring...

  • Helen Keller, who was born healthy then became deaf and blind at the age of 19 months due to an unknown illness famously said this quote above. 

  • As an audiologist I would rephrase this as: when you cannot see, it's just your loss, but when you cannot hear, that is a loss for others too.

  • Have you ever been accused of having "selective hearing loss" or you feel left out from a conversation in a group or large gathering?  Or you often feel your spouse is walking away when talking, and that's why you can't hear? 

  • Since you are here, this may be the perfect time to check your hearing.  Simply answer the following questions objectively.